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Our Expertise

You’ve come to the right place! CHARCOAL EVENTS is known for unique celebrations that tell your story!  Our events are not only fun for the hosts and guests to experience but also authentic to the purpose of the event and are always exquisitely executed!

We know that every social event takes on a life of its own.  An event can appear to have endless, almost overwhelming needs.  This is where CHARCOAL EVENTS comes in!  Need help deciding how far in advance to print the invitations to finding the perfect napkin ring for the occasion, we will be there to take care of every last detail.  No matter if you have two weeks, two months, or even two years to plan your special event, CHARCOAL EVENTS will help you make it to the day with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment.

We offer an extensive menu of possibilities to define a perfect event, whether it is a celebration of a milestone or just an intimate gathering, no one can ignite an affair better than CHARCOAL EVENTS!

Corporate Events

Annual General Meetings or AGMs are an important part of your corporate calendar.  Whether it is to communicate news to your shareholders, or to bring your employees up to date with the latest company news, an AGM can be a very effective marketing tool!

CHARCOAL EVENTS will work with you to ensure your next AGM is a positive experience for all attendants. Our attention to detail will help to create a seamless AGM that strives to accomplish your organizations goals and expectations.

A milestone celebration?  An awards presentation?  Or something in between?  Regardless a gala needs to be special and needs to be memorable.  Whether your celebration is happening on-site or at an off-site venue, we know how to transform your space, and your event, into an evening to remember. Let us know what your goal is and we will help you meet it and exceed it!

No matter if there is ten guests or one thousand guests, CHARCOAL EVENTS has the knowledge and skill to make everyone at your next gala feel like a star.

A product launch is an essential business process; one which must be planned and executed meticulously in order to ensure success. CHARCOAL EVENTS has the experience to help you launch your product and exceed your launch goals. We will help you to create a buzz around your product, communicate your values and inspire people to be advocates of your brand all while driving sales. The CHARCOAL EVENTS team will work with you to ensure that your product launch delivers results.
More and more companies are deciding to bypass the boardroom and hold their meetings away from what can sometimes be a stressful office environment. Retreats and out of office team building exercises reinvigorate your employees, as everyone taps into new areas of thinking and creativity. A customized set of days that generates creativity and builds team spirit is invaluable in today’s corporate arena.

Whether it’s a weekend of strategizing in a cozy inn in the woods, or a theme weekend packed with exciting team building exercises (or a little bit of both), CHARCOAL EVENTS always delivers distinctive and meticulously planned events.